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Q. What happens when a section of the Termguard System is accidentally damagedA. That section can be either replaced or in the unlikely event of fracture or a fracture of the pipe, the damage can be easily repaired and the Termguard System reinstated.



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Q. Does the termite management agent affect the home/building owners loved ones and pets A. All termite management agents used in Termguard Systems are manufactured in accordance with the highest International and Australian specifications relating to termite management products. They have been thoroughly tested in areas of severe termite pressure around Australia by independent termite specialists.

Most importantly, they bring real peace of mind protection together with the knowledge it will not cause health concerns for the building owner, pets or family as there is no direct contact at any moment with the termiticide. All termiticides used by Termguard are environmentally friendly. .

Q. Just how are the holes in the perimeter pipe kept free from obstructions, particularly construction fillA. From the usage of Permecover that a GeoFabric non-woven mat, it keeps the construction fill out of blocking the perforated pipe.



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Q. What happens if the licensed Termguard installer is no longer in businessA. The home / building owner will be put into contact with other Termguard Licensed Installers in the territory. Once another Termguard Licensed Installer is selected to maintain the Termguard System, the installation details will be given to them from Termguard records. .

Q. What is the thickness of this systemA. The right placement of the perforated pipes that are 20mm is essential for your Termguard System to get the job done. The requirement for pipes positioned under the slab is different from the placement of the Termguard Perimeter System. The 20mm perforated pipes that are placed under the slab must be installed under the finished pad level and the holes in the pipe should be facing upward.

The pipe is placed approximately 50mm below the Bonuses finished ground level and must be within 100mm in the edge of the footing or brickwork. The holes in the drilled pipe should be facing upward for the machine to deliver an equivalent dispersion of Termite Management Agent. .

Q. Is the structural performance or integrity of slab construction affected by the impact of the proper volume of liquid when applied via Termguard systemsA. No, the performance and integrity of the slab would not be affected; since the volume of liquid that's put through the Termguard System at any one time never exceeds 5 litres a 1 metre of soil place.

Trials have been conducted on even the heaviest of reactive soils and the quantity were insignificant to soil moisture conditions caused by rain from season to season. .



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Q. Can the termite management agents efficiently bind to the target regions and not leach in the desired regions of treatment even if subsequent wetting occurredA. From an environmental standpoint, Termguard systems would be an ideal choice for keeping termites out of the house or building. The management agents utilized are insoluble in the soil, so the barrier stays where it is needed and will not be leached away by rainfall or the water in of lawns and gardens.

Q. What costs are involved in maintaining the systemsA. The cost of maintaining the system is far outweighed by the potential damage termite activity you can try this out can lead to to the home / building. To maintain the warranty provided, regular Timber Pest Inspections need to be undertaken annually and replenished every three to five decades or as recommended from the Termguard Pest Control Operator. .

Q. Can the Annual Inspections or Replenishment of Termguard Systems be carried from the house / building owners selection of Pest ManagerA. Yes! The Termguard Systems can be inspected or replenished by a professional pest manager of your choicewe recommend only licensed Termguard inspectors carry out the inspections and replenishment to sustain the warranty of your system. .

Q. Is it hard to audit or monitor the amount of termite management agent participates underground through reticulated systems hidden beneath buildings, which might induce the underground water . The development of current and future management agents have and must continue to meet the standards of being steady within their environment and ensure that they bind to the soil.



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Various new products are always being designed specifically for treatment and reapplication through reticulated systems and Termguard undertakes an ongoing testing program to ensure efficacy of these management agents.

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